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Short Story America, Volume Two, is now available. The second volume in the acclaimed new series of short stories contains forty-seven excellent works of short fiction by today's authors. Shipping is free on all orders within the continental U.S., and shipping to Canada is discounted from normal shipping rates for readers of quality short fiction in Canada. To order Short Story America, Volume Two, or to take advantage of a limited-time offer for signed copies of both of the volumes in the series.

Foreword by Alan Heathcock
Introduction by T.D. Johnston

"Short Story America is like opening a window on a blooming spring garden following a long cold winter. Here's to a long life and much more to come from the current and future voices of Short Story America." 

 -- JIM DODSON, editor, O.Henry and PineStraw magazines.

“My life has been altered, made better, by the presence of stories. An anthology like Short Story America is the exact kind of book that can change the world, its myriad voices spinning yarns of woe and whimsy, making you tremble, cry, laugh, swoon, and maybe, just maybe, to cause you to close the book, look up from the pages a little bleary, and know you’ll never be the same, transformed by what you’ve just read.”

– ALAN HEATHCOCK, award-winning author of Volt: Stories

“There is power in the small tale told well, and Short Story America is full of them...compelling, potent, and compact. This is a great collection, perhaps the best anthology series of the 21st century.”

– JAMES GOERTEL, author of Carry Each His Burden

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