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The Short Story America Anthology, Volume I, features 56 great short stories by today’s top short-story writers. Every story is captivating, entertaining and thought-provoking, staying with the reader long after the experience of reading it. The stories in this book touch the themes of the human condition as fully and eclectically as any collection of stories ever has. Short Story America has brought the reader, author and short story together with this treasure trove of contemporary tales that is sure to be a classic collection.

"Short Story America is like opening a window on a blooming spring garden following a long cold winter. I've been deeply impressed by  the quality and diversity of the fictional voices found on this glorious site, as this first anthology so splendidly reveals. Here's to a long life and much more to come from the current and future voices of Short Story America." 

-- Jim Dodson, editor, PineStraw and O.Henry magazines, and bestselling author of Final Rounds and Faithful Travelers 

“There is something so delicious – so intense and immediate – about a good short story. If a novel is a dense layer cake, to be savored over time, the short story is a square of rich, bittersweet chocolate. In our hectic, busy age, a well-made literary 'snack' is a fine thing, indeed. This anthology – extraordinary in both quality and diversity – represents a long overdue re-commitment to this uniquely satisfying art form. Bravo!”

-- Margaret Evans, editor and columnist, Lowcountry Weekly

“Short Story America is literary fiction at its best!" 

-- Myra King, author, winner of the Global Short Story Prize

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